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The IBCI Annual Conference is the main forum for building control in Ireland. It provides an opportunity for local authority staff, civil servants and those engaged in private practice to come together to discuss topical issues affecting the design and construction of buildings. A programme of presentations in conjunction with a trade show helps participants gain a greater understanding of relevant topics and update their knowledge of changes in building regulations and the associated legislation.

To view the documentation from previous conferences, choose from the links below.

Year ID Author Title
2019 2019-00 IBCI IBCI Conference Brochure 2019 Click Here
2019 2019-01 Sarah Neary Building Control Legislative Developments Update 2019 Click Here
2019 2019-02 Mairead Phelan Promoting a Culture of Compliance with Building Regulations Click Here
2019 2019-03 Doug Ritchie An Assigned Certifier's Perspective Click Here
2019 2019-04 Michael Mansell Building Control Officers Perspective Click Here
2019 2019-05 John Wickham Bringing Back Homes - Manual for the reuse of existing buildings Click Here
2019 2019-06 Eamonn Smyth Building Regulations & Guidance issued! Click Here
2019 2019-07 Jonathan Jennings Electric Heating in new build Click Here
2019 2019-08 Colin Gallagher Part L Compliance - Building Control Role Click Here
2019 2019-09 Alan O'Neill Whiskey Distilling & Maturation Click Here
2018 2018-00 IBCI IBCI Conference Brochure 2018 Click Here
2018 2018-01 Sarah Neary Building Control Legislative Update Click Here
2018 2018-02 Mairead Phelan National Building Control Management Project Click Here
2018 2018-03 Kevin Cooke Compliance with Building Regulations Click Here
2018 2018-04 Helen Duffy BCAR from the Assigned Certifier perspective Click Here
2018 2018-05 Sean Armstrong Part L - NZEB and Major Renovations Click Here
2018 2018-06 Eamonn Smyth Fire Resistance Guidance Click Here
2018 2018-07 Jason Horrex Structural Fire Protection Click Here
2018 2018-08 Tom Meehan Fire Protection – Active Systems Click Here
2017 2017-00 IBCI IBCI Conference Brochure 2017 Click Here
2017 2017-01 Sarah Neary Building Control Legislative Developments Click Here
2017 2017-02 Mairead Phelan National Building Control Management Project Click Here
2017 2017-03 John Sweeney Modern Methods Of Construction Click Here
2017 2017-04 Chris Barry TGD Part B Fire Safety Volume 2 Dwelling Houses Click Here
2017 2017-05 Sean Armstrong Nearly Zero Energy Buildings Click Here
2017 2017-06 Niall Crosson Airtightness and Active Moisture Management Using Intelligent Membranes Click Here
2017 2017-07 Kevin Maguire Quality Control in Aggregates Concrtete and Cement Click Here
2016 2016-00 IBCI IBCI Conference Brochure 2016 Click Here
2016 2016-01 Martin Vaughan Quality Construction Through Better Regulation Click Here
2016 2016-02 Eoin O’ Dowd BCMS Supporting Building Control Compliance Click Here
2016 2016-03 Colin Gallagher Built Environment Inspectorate Click Here
2016 2016-04 Eamonn Smyth Building Regulations Update Click Here
2016 2016-05 Barrett Chapman 2015 Amendments - The Outs and Ins Click Here
2016 2016-06 Chris Dilworth Sound and the Building Regulations Click Here
2016 2016-07 Donal Gilroy Part L and Airtightness Click Here
2016 2016-08 Dermot Brannigan Fire Service response to emerging Building Control Issues Click Here
2015 2015-00 IBCI IBCI Conference Brochure 2015 Click Here
2015 2015-01 Bernadette McArdle Opening Presentation Click Here
2015 2015-02 Aidan O'Connor Building Control Reform Programme Click Here
2015 2015-03 John Wickham Construction Products Regulation Click Here
2015 2015-04 Mairead Phelan Building Control Management System Click Here
2015 2015-05 Brendan Mulligan Civil and Structural Engineers Perspective Click Here
2015 2015-06 Paul Kelly Architect's Perspective  
2015 2015-07 Seamus Coughlan Chief Fire Officers Perspective Click Here
2015 2015-08 Marc Devereux Building Control Officers Perspective Click Here
2015 2015-10 Damien McKay Defective Concrete Blocks Click Here
2015 2015-12 Gerry Sheridan Spray Foam Insulation Click Here
2015 2015-13 Tim O'Leary QualiBuild Program Click Here
2014 2014-00 IBCI IBCI Conference Brochure 2014 Click Here
2014 2014-01 Eamonn Smyth Building Regulations Update Click Here
2014 2014-02 Aidan O'Connor Building Control Reform Programme Click Here
2014 2014-03 Martin Vaughan SI No. 9 of 2014 – Validation and Issues Click Here
2014 2014-04 Mairead Phelan S.I 9 of 2014 Building Control Management System (BCMS) Development & Code of Practice for BCOs Click Here
2014 2014-05 Rhoda Kerins Building Control Management Systems Click Here
2014 2014-06 Kevin Sheridan A Building Surveyors perspective on Building Control Amendment Regulations (2014) Click Here
2014 2014-07 Paul Kelly The RIAI Perspective on BUILDING CONTROL Click Here
2014 2014-08 Maria Melia Building Control System Fire Officer Perspective Click Here
2014 2014-09 Bernadette McArdle Building Control Officers Perspective on BCMS Click Here
2014 2014-10 Barret Chapman Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 – Some Legal Issues Click Here
2014 2014-11 Hubert Fitzpatrick Construction Industry Register Ireland Click Here
2014 2014-13 Conor Taaffe Building Regulations Part L Click Here
2013 2013-00 IBCI IBCI Conference Brochure 2013 Click Here
2013 2013-01 Aidan O'Connor The New Building Control Amendment Regulations 2013 and other Legislative & Policy Developments Click Here
2013 2013-02 Sarah Neary An overview of the EU Construction Products Regulation Click Here
2013 2013-03 David O'Connor CCMA perspective for Building Control Click Here
2013 2013-04 John O'Connor Ghost/Unfinished Estates – Issues for Building Control Click Here
2013 2013-05 Willie Purcel Building Control – Case Study Click Here
2013 2013-06 Bernadette McArdle The East Border Region Energy Efficiency & Micro-Generation Project Click Here
2013 2013-07 Will Bowen The design and construction of Flues, Fire safety and Carbon Monoxide issues Click Here
2013 2013-08 Tom Meehan Carbon Monoxide detection Click Here
2012 2012-00 IBCI IBCI Conference Brochure 2012 Click Here
2012 2012-01 Aidan O'Connor Developments in Building Control & Legislation Click Here
2012 2012-02 Chris Barry REVIEW OF TGD B Click Here
2012 2012-03 Jamie Goggins Sustainability and Embodied
Energy (and Carbon) in Buildings
Click Here
2012 2012-04 Brian Swan A sample-based approach to applying for a Disability Access Certificate Click Here
2012 2012-05 Michael Mohan Disability Access Certificates - Designer’s Perspective & Part M 2010 Click Here
2012 2012-06 Anne Goggin Siting, Design and Installation of OSWWTS: Limerick’s Experience Click Here
2012 2012-07 Rory McShane BS 9991:2011 Fire safety in the design, management and use of residential buildings Click Here
2012 2012-08 Neil Murphy Building for Everyone: A Universal Design
Click Here
2012 2012-09 Martin Davidson Fire Safety Engineering Techniques in Historic Buildings Click Here
2011 2011-00 IBCI IBCI Conference Brochure 2011 Click Here
2011 2011-01 Aidan O'Connor Developments in Building Control & Legislation Click Here
2011 2011-02 Stephanie Long Building Control and Radon Click Here
2011 2011-03 Eoin O'Herlihy BUILDING REGULATIONS (PART M AMENDMENT) Click Here
2011 2011-04a Martin Ryan DAC Reports Click Here
2011 2011-04b Martin Ryan Possible DAC Format Click Here
2011 2011-05 Paddy Mullen Disability Access Certificates Click Here
2011 2011-06 Jay Stuart Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy Click Here
2011 2011-07 Rory McShane Fire Safety Design of Residential Buildings - Current Practice and Future Trends Click Here
2011 2011-08 Neil Murphy Universal Design and Building For Everyone - A Universal Design approach Click Here
2011 2011-09 Brendan Mulligan The Role of the Engineer in Building Control,egistration and Certification Click Here
2010 2010-00 IBCI IBCI Conference Brochure 2010 Click Here
2010 2010-01 Cian O Lionain Developments in Building Control Legislation Click Here
2010 2010-02 Billy Moore On-site Wastewater Management Click Here
2010 2010-03 Dawson Stelfox Can Old Buildings Be Green Buildings Click Here
2010 2010-04 Eoin O'Herlihy Disability Awareness Training Click Here
2010 2010-05 Gerry Kinsella Disability Access Certificates Click Here
2010 2010-06 Maurice Johnson Fire Design and Euro Codes Click Here
2010 2010-07 Dave Carroll Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2009 and The New Fire Safety Certificate Regime Click Here
2010 2010-08 Chris Hughes Building Energy Rating (BER) for Non Domestic Buildings Click Here
2010 2010-09 Stephanie Long Radon in Ireland Click Here
2009 2009-00 IBCI IBCI Conference Brochure 2009 Click Here
2009 2009-01 Sean Armstrong Acceptable Construction Details, Thermal Bridging and Air Permeability Click Here
2009 2009-02 Sean Armstrong Application of DEAP to Part L Click Here
2009 2009-03 Aidan Burke Bringing Sustainability into the Construction Industry Click Here
2009 2009-04 Owen Lewis Building Sustainable Developments Click Here
2009 2009-05 Chris O'Grady Developments in Building Control Legislation Click Here
2009 2009-06 Maurice Johnson Introduction to BS9999 2008 Click Here
2009 2009-07 Liam Smith Irish Concrete Federation Click Here
2009 2009-08 Noel Carroll Role of DoEHLG Inspectorate in Building Control Click Here
2009 2009-09 Bill Robinson Timber Frame Construction 1 Click Here
2009 2009-10 Bill Robinson Timber Frame Construction 2 Click Here
2008 2008-00 IBCI IBCI Conference Brochure 2008 Click Here
2008 2008-01 John Graby Building Control An Architects View Click Here
2008 2008-02 Conor Taaffe Building On Soft Ground Click Here
2008 2008-03a Michael McLoughlin DEAP Presentation Click Here
2008 2008-03b Michael McLoughlin DEAP Supplementary Notes Click Here
2008 2008-04 Martin Davidson Fire Engineering in Residential Buildings Click Here
2008 2008-05 Martin Ryan Making Building Control Work Click Here
2008 2008-06 Joe Boyle Pyrites the Building Control Experience Click Here
2008 2008-07 Neil Cooper Robust Details Click Here
2007 2007-00 IBCI IBCI Conference Brochure 2007 Click Here
2007 2007-01 Chris O'Grady Building Control Bill 2005 Click Here
2007 2007-02 Kevin O'Rourke DEAP for Building Regulations Compliance Click Here
2007 2007-03 Trevor Martin Engineers of Opportunity or Architects of Misfortune Click Here
2007 2007-04 Kevin O'Rourke EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive Click Here
2007 2007-05 David Smith Recent Trends in Building Regulations in England and Wales and the work of the CEBC Click Here
2007 2007-06 Colin Barden Recent Trends in Fire Safety Design of Houses and Apartments Click Here
2007 2007-07 Sarah Neary Review of Part M Click Here
2006 2006-00 IBCI IBCI Conference Brochure 2006 Click Here
2006 2006-01 Michael McCarthy Building Control Bill 2005 Click Here
2006 2006-02 Fionnuala Rogerson Disability Access Certificates Part M Click Here
2006 2006-03 Gerry Wardell Part L Energy Management Certification - Rating of Buildings Click Here
2006 2006-04 John A McCarthy Provisions for Fire Safety Certificates Click Here
2006 2006-05 Kevin Sheridan Registration of Construction Professional Titles Click Here
2006 2006-06 Chris Dilworth Sound Insulation Testing in Dwellings Click Here
2006 2006-07 Sue Bush The Scottish Experience Click Here
2005 2005-00 IBCI IBCI Conference Brochure 2005 Click Here
2005 2005-01 Sean Hogan A Review of Fire Regulation Issues Click Here
2005 2005-02 Mary Van Lieshout Achieving Accessibility for People with Disabilities in Ireland Click Here
2005 2005-03 Philip O'Brien Building Control a Time of Change Click Here
2005 2005-04 Mogens Peter Sundbøll Building Control in Denmark Click Here
2005 2005-05 Nancy Callaghan Building Control Legislative and Regulatory Framework Click Here
2005 2005-06 Paula Rice Introduction to Energy Labelling of Buildings Click Here
2005 2005-07 Billy Moore New Developments in On-site Wastewater Mangement Click Here
2005 2005-08 Andrew Macilwraith Progressive Collapse Click Here
2004 2004-00 IBCI IBCI Conference Brochure 2004 Click Here
2003 2003-00 IBCI IBCI Conference Brochure 2003 Click Here
2003 2003-01 Olav Ø. Berge Building control in Norway and the Norwegian regulatory system Click Here
2003 2003-02 Chris Sanders Climate Change and the Built Environment Click Here
2003 2003-03 Conor Taafe Defects Associated with Ventilation Insulation Drainage Click Here
2003 2003-04 Jay Stuart Energy Performance Directive Click Here
2003 2003-05 KingSpan Insulation Click Here
2003 2003-06 Patrick Minogue Regulation for Energy Efficiency Part L (Dwellings) 2002 Click Here
2003 2003-07 Noel McKenna Technical Guidance Document F Ventilation 2002 Click Here


The opinions expressed in these documents are those of the authors
and do not necessarily reflect the positions or policies of the IBCI
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